Vision, Mission and Objectives


Vision: To maximise grower returns

Mission: Promoting production efficiency, increasing demand, improving sustainability

SAAGA aims to achieve this vision and mission through the medium of voluntary cooperation, facilitation of communication between stakeholders, and provision of pertinent information


  • To collect, collate and distribute information concerning the production and marketing of avocados.
  • To carry out research, to have research carried out and to coordinate such research concerning the production and marketing
    of avocados.
  • To make recommendations for the necessary quality requirements and the application thereof in conjunction with the relevant state bodies and other authorities.
  • To make recommendations concerning the post harvest handling and distribution of avocados.
  • To increase the demand for Avocados locally and overseas by advertising, promoting and by such other means as the Association shall deem fit.
  • To encourage the coordination of export and local marketing of Avocados and to assist in the distribution of marketing information to role-players.
  • Provision of technical information on avocado production, packing and post-harvest handling.