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True or False?

THE EXCITING TRUTH is 1/2 of a typical avocado contains approximately 160 calories ~ 20 calories less than a small bag of peanuts, and slightly lower than a small slice of cheddar cheese. In fact, here’s a surprising finding :
Eating avocado can be part of a successful weight management program because :

  •     its monounsaturated oil speeds up the basal metabolic rate;
  •     its oil content may help reduce overeating because you get full faster.
  •     This same oil content reduces the urge to binge on unhealthy foods.

Avoided for years as a result of the common misconception that they are fattening and contain dangerous levels of unhealthy oils and cholesterol, international scientists are now advocating avos as an important part of the
daily diet.

THE TRUTH is avocado is particularly high in folate.  An Avocado provides 40% of the  recommended daily allowance. Folate deficiency has been implicated in precancerous lesions particularly found in the cervix and colon. Although folate is found in a variety of foods, as much as half may be destroyed in the cooking process.

Since avocado is primarily freshly prepared, folate benefits are maximised. Pregnant women and those trying to conceive will benefit from the high levels of folate in avocados, essential for the development of the foetus. Eating half an avo daily provides extra protection for both mother and baby. The soft, easily digestible flesh of the avocado makes it an ideal first fruit for babies. Children get more vitamins from avos than they would from any other fruit.

THE EXCITING TRUTH is one hundred grams of avocado (less than 1/2 a medium avocado) provide 3.2 grams of dietary fibre (0.9 grams soluble, 2.3 grams insoluble), giving it the highest concentration of dietary fibre of any commonly eaten fruit.

High fibre intake is important because it lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity

THE EXCITING TRUTH is avocados were a vital part of the Aztec Indians’ diet ~ that’s as far back as 700 years BC.
Historical documentation reveals that in 1672, the physician attending England’s King Charles II, incorporated avocado into His Royal Highness’ diet because he contended that it nourishes and strengthens the body.
Avocados are a treasure trove of taste and goodness. Few healthy foods can claim to be as enjoyable as the avo, and none as nutritionally rich.

THE TRUTH is avocados do not contain cholesterol and are very rich in monounsaturated oil an essential element for lowering LDL cholesterol levels (in other words, for lowering the bad cholesterol).

In fact, their capacity to reduce chances of coronary disease led to the fruit being awarded the South African Heart Foundation’s Heart Mark in 1997. This distinction is awarded only to those foods proven to have a role in combating or lowering the rate of heart disease.

Mono and polyunsaturated oils make up more than 70% of the oil content in avocados.

These ‘good’ oils have been shown to protect the arterial walls and, therefore, protect against arterial heart disease, one of the country’s major killers, which claims tens of thousands of lives every year.

THE TRUTH is, aside from folate, Vitamins A and C, avocados are very rich in Vitamin B6, which helps keep the nervous system in good working order and is especially beneficial to some women suffering from PMS. Avocado also contains Vitamin A in the safe carotene form.

In addition, avocados are brimming with Potassium, a mineral necessary for maintaining the right balance of water in the body.

Half an avocado provides you with an eighth of your daily needs. Phosphorus, an important mineral for bone health, is also found in avocados.

Avocados are particularly rich in these important antioxidants: Vitamins E and C. Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals that cause gradual deterioration and aging. By eating an avocado a day you benefit from the daily intake of Vitamin E necessary for boosting energy levels and strengthening the immune system.

As for Vitamin C, its benefits are numerous, ranging from common cold prevention to protecting the body from stressful situations. The dual combination of Vitamins C and E is a major advantage because one strengthens the fortifying action of the other.