A census of avocado plantings in South Africa took place in 2023. Total plantings amounted to an estimated 19,500 ha.

Avocado production occurs in five of South Africa’s provinces. The hectares per province, and per production region are summarised in figures 1 and 2. Limpopo represents 54% of the SA industry (10 168ha). Letaba, which is situated in Limpopo, is the largest production region in South Africa with 45% (8 601 ha) of total plantings. Mpumalanga has 22% (4 075 ha) of SA plantings of which 14% (2 589 ha) are situated in the Nelspruit/White River area. KwaZulu-Natal makes up 18% of the industry (3 625 ha). The Western Cape and Eastern Cape each represent 5% (1013 ha) and 1% (210 ha) of the total plantings respectively.